Buchanan Logistics

Buchanan Logistics employs over 275 people across the country with the majority of those in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are a growing business in the world of logistics. However, prospective employees didn't know they existed. Working alongside their executive team, we were able to help share their story and culture through video, making them more of a household name in their home city.

"I started at Buchanan just over two years ago, we employ quite a few people in Fort Wayne. When I share where I work, no one has heard of us. In today’s environment, people look for their next career opportunity with employers they know and feel comfortable with. What Culturecruit has done for us has been amazing, I have people stopping at my office door to tell me the videos they have been in have blown up and they are recognized in stores as a “celebrity”. Every company has good people but when you have a healthy culture and some brand recognition, you can get to the next level of not only hiring but also quality organizational growth." - Rob Rausch, Chief Operating Officer for Buchanan Logistics