One: Attract

1. Attract Interest

Grab potential employees where they spend the most of their! Traditional methods of recruiting employees like billboards, radio, and signs in front of your building won't attract the applicants you need to fully staff your business.

Two: Educate and Engage

2. Educate and Engage

Use video to show people why they should work at your company. If a picture says a thousand words, imagine how much a video can say! Engage prospective applicants by educating them about your company, use your company's culture to show off why someone should work for at your business.

Three: Build Relationships

3. Build Relationships

Provide transparency and build trust by letting your current employees tell their story. Hearing from your employees why they continue to work at your company says way more than hearing from the C-Suite about why your company is great. This isn't a dig at your top executives. But incoming employees will connect with a peer more than they will someone in a corner office.

Four: Create Advocacy

4. Create Advocacy

Create advocacy with your current employees by increasing morale. A side effect of sharing your company culture is increasing the strength of that culture. When employees see themselves and their peers featured on ads, videos, and websites they are more likely to engage with the content making your brand and hiring stories reach further.